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Handrail Bolts

We offer a Handrail bolts in a selection of lengths.

The standard handrail bolt that comes with the Richard Burbidge handrail fixings is 60mm in length, this is the minimum size suitable for connecting 2 handrail sections together, we also offer a selection of Premium handrail bolts in the following lengths 80mm | 100mm | 120mm.

Handrail Bolts for handrail to handrail connections

The RBS Handrail bolt shown above comes with a b espoke slotted nut , this makes the installation easier.

Handrail bolts for balustrading

Handrail bolts can be ordered online through our online store.

Order Handrail Bolts Online

For Handrail to Newel Connections us the Stelten Handrail Fixing

Stelten was developed by Stairplan for fixing our handrails, The system offer a fast easy solution to a normaly time consuming task of Tenoning the end of your handrails,

Many of our regular clients have been so impressed by the ease of the Stelten they wont use anything else.

Stelen is only available through Stairplan prices can be found on our online store under accessories.

The Handrail fixing for Professionals

Stelten handrail fixings landing connection

Corner Landing connection

Handrail fixing corner landing connection

A common question is how do the fixings work when you have a corner landing connection, here you can see you simply screw one stelten towards the top of the one handrail and towards the bottom of the other handrail.

Bottom handrail connection example

On the bottom connection screw the stelten fixing close to the top of the cut, this gives you the maximum amount of timber to fix the stelten to the handrail allowing longer fixings to be used.

top handrail cut connection example

On the top cut screw the stelten fixing close to be bottom of the cut again this gives you the maximum amount of timber to screw into when fixing the stelten to your handrail.

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