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The Ultimate Loft Staircase

If your looking for the best Space Saver Staircase well you've found it. The Oak 40 Space saver staircase is simply built like a battleship. Shown here with optional Open Risers and carpet inserts this staircase is build to last a lifetime.

oak loft staircase built to last a lifetime.

When you buy a staircase you are buying one of the most perminent features in a house, few items stay in the home as long as the staircase. Plan layout

If the jobs worth doing its worth doing well !

Open Risers with stainless steel riser safety bars for building regulations. Carpet inserts provide anti slip. Simple oak balustrade adds character.

Online ordering

Open Riser Space Saver Staircase pricing - With Balusters
Open Riser Space Saving Stair Pricing - With Glass

Available with Glass Balustrade

oak space saver staircase with glass balustrade

For a quotation phone 01952 608853

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Space Saver Staircases

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