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Staircase Plans - Quarter Landings

In order for us to find out the staircase layout you require we have a number of staircase plans online, the plans on this page a Quarter Turn Landing Staircase layouts.

New Online Stair Plan Catalogues -

Left Turn Quarter Landings No Handrail - With Handrail
Right Turn Quarter Landings No Handrail - With handrail

Find the Closest Layout to your Requirements and the Phone us on 01952 608853 for a Quotation

SQL11N Quarter Landing staircase SQL11N
3D View
S1QL10N Quarter landing staircase S1QL10N
3D View
S2QL9N Quarter Landing Staircase S2QL9N
3D View
S3QL8N Quarter turn stairs S3QL8N
3D View
S4QL7N Quarter landing layout S4QL7N
3D View
S5QL6N Quarter Landing Layout S5QL6N
3D View
S6QL5N Quarter Landing Staircase S6QL5N
3D View
S7QL4N Quarter Landing staircase layout S7QL4N
3D View
S8QL3N Quarter Landing Staircase S8QL3N
3D View
S9QL2N Quarter landing stair layout S9QL2N
3D View
S10QL1N Quarter landing layout S10QL1N
3D View
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Choosing your Materials and Style - Staircase Ideas

Entry Level Pine with Square Newels and balusters Contemporary Oak Openplan with the European style handrail Oak Cut String Staircase

Pine Square

the Pine square specification is the entry level specification with pine 32mm square balusters and 90mm Square Newel posts.

Oak Openplan

Oak Openplan Staircase with our europan style handrail and twin riser safety bars.

Prescott Staircase

This is a high specification oak cut string staircase, 140mm Newel Turnings and 56mm Spindles.

When you have found the layout plan you require we need to know the specification you want the staircase to be.

If you have drawings already fax your enquiry to us on 01952 228679.
Example specifications

The Trade Range

The Trade Range is based on choosing a Staircase layout from our standard drawings online we can offer minor adjustments to the rise heights on these staircases.

Trade Range - Softwood Strings with MDF Treads no handrails.
Trade Range - Softwood Strings with MDF Treads, handrails, Square Newel Posts and Spindles.

The Standard Range
On the standard range we can offer more flexibility on the sizes of the staircase aswell as the rise heights.

Standard Range - Engineered Pine Strings and Treads no handrails
Standard Range - Engineered Pine Strings and Treads, Pine handrails, Square Newel Posts and Spindles.
Standard Range - Engineered Pine Strings and Treads, Pine handrails, Turned Newel Posts and Spindles.
Standard Range - Parana Pine Strings and Treads,Hemlock handrails, Turned Newel Posts and Spindles.


Beech Openplan - Engineered Beech Strings and Treads with Stainless Steel bar inserts.

Handrail options
European Style handrail
Fusion Handrail system
Axxys Handrails

Oak Staircases

For Carpeting go for Oak Strings, Engineered Pine Treads and Plywood Risers and then your handrail parts in Oak
All Oak - Oak Strings, Oak Treads, Oak Faced Plywood Risers, and Oak Handrail Parts .

The staircase drawings on our website are a guide to help you decide on the staircase layout you require, all our staircases are made to measure so give us the dimensions you have and we can give you a quotation for exactlty what you need.

Quarter landing staircase with Oak Handrail parts

Pine S3QL8N Quarter landing Staircase Left Hand with Oak Turned Stair balustrading parts, Ball Newel Caps adn Colonial 41mm Spindles. Newel Type - Tulip newel turning. Handrail - White Oak HDR profile.

Phone our Sales Team on 01952 608853 for a Quick Quotation

Quarter Turn Staircases free stair plans - l shaped staircase

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