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Fusion Handrail Configuration Diagrams #3

Quarter Landing detail

This image shows you what to do on a quarter landing turn - as you can see this is a simple detail using a Top and a Bottom Connector.

Winder Detail with fusion

This detail shows you what to do with a winder turn in the staircase, the difference with this is you need to use a Intermediate connector and then a bottom connector, the Intermediate connector goes into the Newel base, Make sure you dont cut your newel base off too short as what frequently happens is if you used a top connector it would hit the Newel base connector.

half Landing Staircase

this image shows you what you need with a Half Landing staircase, this image shows the half landing with a section of handrail between the 2 staircases, if your 2 newel posts are next to each other then you will probably need to treat the 2 newel posts seperately and not try to connect the 2 posts, simply finish off the first post with a top connector and end cap.

Landing Handrail

This shows the Fusion on a Landing handrail run you can see it starts with a MMLC* Landing connector and Terminates with a MMWC* Wall Connector

Intermediate Landing Newel

On landing handrail runs longer than 2400mm you need to have a intermediate newel post there are a couple of fittings you can use for this this image shows a MMAL* Adjustable landing connector but a new fitting the ILC*D Intermediate Landing connector.

Corner landing detail

This image shows you what to do when you have a corner with the Fusion handrail system on a landing, you can see you need to use the Adjustable landing connector this can go from any angle between 180º (Straight)to 90º.

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