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Outdoor staircases

Iroko Hardwood staircases for outdoor use.

Out door staircases outdoor use

At Staiplan we manufacture Iroko hardwood staircases for commercial or domestic products. Outdoor staircases in timber should not be made in softwood ! We will only produce outdoor staircases in Hardwood and Iroko is the best suited timber for this.

Information on Iroko

Staircases for Outside

outside staircase in iroko hardwood to garage

Above - Recently installed exterior staircase in Iroko. External Staircases

external staircases from stairplan

Iroko is the Ideal hardwood for External staircases - See a staircase with Balustrades

Outdoor staircase

Outdoor Spiral Staircases

Aswell as supplying the Timber staircases we manufacture we also offer External spiral staircases from the two leading Italian staircase Kit producers, we also work with a number of Steel fabricators for External steel staircases.

Module exterior Spiral Staircase Civic Zink spiral staircase

this is the Module Exterior Spiral Staircase we also offer the Civic Zink spiral staircase.

Sure Grip Anti Slip Inserts | External Exit Steps | Commercial External Staircases

Sure grip Anti slip Inserts

Temporary Outdoor Staircase

Temporary Outdoor Staircase

Above you can see another recent project - This staircase is a Temporary external staircase for a Foreign television broadcaster the use during the Olympics.

Temporary outdoor staircase

Above you can see the Temporary staircase installed.

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