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Our New Online Staircase Planner is now live

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Online Staircase Designers

Our online staircase design service allows you to interact with a professional staircase designer whilst ordering your staircase. Our designers can offer far more flexibility than standard online design tools and can instantly give you the answers of what you can and can’t achieve with your new staircase design.

Online Staircase Designer

Our Online Staircase designers can offer a wide variety of staircase layout options fully adjustable to width, and Floor Heights, the layouts they can do whilst you are live on screen include Straight Staircases , Quarter Landing Staircase Layouts, Double Quarter Landing Layouts, 3 Tread Winder Stairs, 4 Tread Winder Stairs, Double 3 Winder Staircases and Double 4 Winder Staircase Layouts and Half Landing Staircases these can be to suite Domestic or commercial regulations. Other stair layouts like Z-Form staircases and 270º Staircases are not covered by the live but instant quotations are available...

Live Staircase Design is offline -

To get a quotation and Plan - Identify the closest stair plan from our online library - choose a style from out staircase ideas and call 01952 608853 with your requirements.

Phone the Design Team 01952 608853 - Look at our online stair plans and find the closest one Enquiry Form

Low Online Prices

The Prices offered by our Online Staircase Designers are very competitive but prices can vary on a day to day basis due to constant changes in material costs as well as supply and demand.

Material Options

We have a widest selection of Material Options available from any mayor staircase manufacturer these range from our entry level Economy Staircase Specification to the Bespoke Staircases like the Townsend Staircase and Prescott Staircase.

We also offer the widest selection of Stair Balustrade options available from simple Square newel posts and Balusters to contemporary Glass Balustrade systems.


Make sure you get all the measurments ready before you ask a designer to start using the planner with you.
look on Measuring your staircases, Have a look at the Building Regulations.

You can use our Online Library of Staircase designs or contact one of our staircase designers on 01952 608853 for a quotation on a staircase tailored to your dimensions. - We also have a number of standard staircase layouts that can be ordered online.

More Bespoke options

We can also offer the staircases to be constructed with angled corners or with allowances for Cable shafts, take a look at the images below for examples of how we can tailor your staircase layout.

staircase setout planner

In our Staircase production we use the very latest in Staircase software and 5 Axis CNC technology.

staircase stairplanner

At Stairplan we specialise in Made to Measure Staircases.

Typical Material Specifications

Economy Paint Range

Strings - Softwood Paint Grade
Treads - 22mm MDF
Risers - 9mm Plywood

Trade Range

Strings - 32mm Engineered Pine
Treads - 22mm MDF
Risers - 9mm Plywood

Standard Range

Strings - 32mm Engineered Pine
Treads - 22mm Engineered Pine
Risers - 9mm Plywood

Oak Range with Pine Treads

Strings - 32mm American White Oak
Treads - 22mm Engineered Pine
Risers - 9mm Plywood

Oak Range with Oak Treads

Strings - 32mm American White Oak
Treads - 22mm American White Oak
Risers - 9mm Oak Faced Plywood

Traditional Oak Openplan

Strings - 32mm American White Oak
Treads - 32mm American White Oak
Risers - 22mm Oak Riser Downstand

Oak European Specification

Strings - 40mm American White Oak
Treads - 40mm American White Oak
Risers - 9mm Oak Faced Plywood or Openplan

Oak Cut String Specification

Strings - 32mm American White Oak
Treads - 22mm American White Oak
Risers - 19mm White Oak Riser


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