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Handrail Configurations

Use these drawings to work out the stairparts you want to order to upgrade your staircase

Normal entry detail

Above the most basic bottom step detail on a staircase.

Bullnose Bottom Step Detail

Bullnose entry step detail

Having a Bullnose step at the bottom of your staircase can have a number of benefits. Firstly the newel post becomes more rigid when fitted with a bullnose step.

Also having the newel post set back one going this can give the feeling of more space in your hallway.

Bullnose Step then Quarter Landing stair detail

Quarter landing with bullnose entry step

You can see the newel base length increases with this staircase scenario (NB915 915mm newel base would be the lowest you could expect to use in this scenario)

Bottom Winder stair Detail

Winder at the Entry

Here you can see a bottom winder detail to the staircase again this requires a longer newel base, trying to replace the newel base on a winder section is a highly skilled job , if you are looking to transform the existing staircase then you may have an existing newel base that can be used , these need to be at least 82 x 82mm in section, we sell the HS hole saw tool to enable you to drill the newel base to recieve a new newel post turning.

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