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Oak Cut String Staircase

Oak Straight Cut string staircase

This shows a Oak Straight cut string staircase, the posts are 115mm and the spindles are 55mm.

Oak cut string brooklyn staircase

The newel posts and spindles are our Brooklyn style parts, look at the Brooklyn Staircase. Phone us on 01952 608853 for a quotation email us

Quality Oak staircaes

Stairplan produce oak staircases using the highest quality materials available - Super Prime Grade American White Oak is our preffered material when producing a quality oak stair. Look at OAK HANDRAILS

Call 01952 608853 for the Price on This Staircase - Straight Oak Cut String Staircase with Brooklyn Newel posts and Spindles

Colour Matched Oak stair treads

Stairplan use a Super Prime grade of American White oak on the Brooklyn staircase.

Cut String Detail

Cut String Detail

Stairplan use a traditional nosing return and a cut and mitred string detail. On the image above you can see this cut string has a bracket detail.

Quality is important on cut string staircases

Stairplan offer the highest standards of quality in the market and when it comes to producing Cut string staircases Quality is all important so feel confident when ordering your Feature staircasse from Stairplan.

Phone us on 01952 608853 and ask how to get a quotation on a Oak Staircase

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Oak Cut string Straight Staircase

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