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Bespoke Spacesaver Staircases

As well as our Standard Models we also produce some more Bespoke / custom options for you - Oak spacesaver | Quarter landing spacesavers |

Beech 40 Spacesaver Part Open

Here are some pictures of a Beech 40 space saver with stainless steel bars in place of the lower risers and traditional risers to the top section this particular combination was chosen because the top section is going through a bedroom wall and wants to be closed off and with the lower section being open plan it gives a feeling of more space on the landing area.

Open Plan Spacesaver

Guide Price for this Staircase £ 999 + VAT

Stainless Steel riser safety bars - These are used to make sure the space between the treads doesnt let a 100mm sphere pass through as required by the building Regulations Document K

Openplan Spacesaver Staircases

New - on our online shop we have put an upgrade on the beech 40 space saver staircases to give you the option to upgrade to this openplan detail. It is an extra cost as it is alot more work than a standard closed riser spacesaver staircase.

Ash 40 Space Saver staircases

ash hardwood loft staircase

Ash Space saing loft Staircase - shown here with the European style handrail option and optional carpet inserts.
Ash 40 Space Saver

Oak 40 Spacesaver Staircase

Stairplans Oak 40 Spacesaver Staircase

This is a Bespoke Space saver staircase made in 40mm American White Oak This is the Rolls Royce of space saving staircases, due to the demand of people demanding the finest quality in spacesaver stairs we have now standardised the pricing on the Oak 40 Spacesaver staircase and you can now order these on our online store. Oak 40 Space Saver Prices

Oak open Riser Space Saver Staircases

Oak 40 Space Saver Staircase Prices
Oak 40 Space Saver Staircases - No Handrails
Oak 40 Space Saver Stair Closed with Balustrade
Oak 40 Space Saver Staircase Closed with Vision Glass Balustrade
Oak 40 Space Saver Staircase Open Risers with Balustrade
Oak 40 Space Saver Staircase Open Risers with Vision Glass Balustrade

Quarter Landing Spacesavers

Quarter Landing Spacesaver staircases Left Turning space saver staircase plans

We also offer Made to measure quarter landing space saver staircases - above you can see a Budget Spacesaver staircase with a quarter turn landing platform, the handrail is our "New style Handrail"
Plan Drawings for Quarter Landing Space Saver Stairs

alternating tread staircase

Above - Budget Space saver staircase with a quarter landing turn to the left, Handrail to the left and a pulpit end handrail to the righthand side (offside handrail) Plan Drawings

Quarter landing space Saver staircase

Above - Birch 42 Quarter landing Space Saving Staircase - Left turning upgraded to Open plan with the optional carpet inserts, With Balustrade going through the assembly process - this will be taken down for shipping, the 2 straight stair sections will be left assembled, handrails, newel posts and quarter landing parts would all come flatpack.

Old Style Spacesaver Handrail

Beech 40 Spacesaver with a bottom quarter landing and our old style handrail

This Beech 40 Spacesaver has the Old style of handrail we used to offer, this is a Side Fixed system.

New Style Space saver handrail

Poundsaver Spacesaver Staircase

4 Men on the Poundsaver Spacesaver

The Poundsaver Spacesaving Staircase in the Lightest Specification Space saver staircase we offer here you can see one with 4 of our Staircase Assemblers on the staircase.

Watch someone walking up and down a Spacesaver Staircase

Space Saver Staircase assembly video guide



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